Friday, June 15, 2012

Restaurant Review: Cafe Kathmandu

I picked up the Ethical Deal for Cafe Kathmandu  the other week and cashed in on that gold mine on Tuesday. As you know, I love trying new restaurants (new and new to me) and new foods. I'm pretty much game to try anything, as long as its vegan of course.

Cafe Kathmandu is a Himalayan restaurant on Commercial Drive. Conventiently located next door to my fave breaky spot. Too bad I can't go from one to the other. I'd have a serious food baby happening. lol This awesome joint has been serving Nepali food since 2006. Its actually the first one in Vancouver. And I'm sad to say it took me this long to get to it. 

The menu is pretty awesome. Its pretty much a free for all for vegans cuz any dish that doesn't have meat is vegan. There is no dairy in any of the dishes. Which to me is amazing. It was pretty hard to choose. I wanted to try every veggie dish. Kevin and I had to talk the menu out cuz we were having such a hard time choosing. I'm sure I've mentioned before that Kevin is not vegan, just eats awesome like me sometimes. Lol He decided to eat vegan so we could order more things and share. I like more. The more food the better. I always want to try as many dishes as I can. 

Momo's are steamed dumplings with your choice of pork or some other meat, lol, or veggie. Which we got obvs. OMG so yummy and cute.They came with some sauces, one hot, tomato and cilantro. All yummy. I usually dislike cilantro but this was probs my fave. The hot sauce one was super hot! Love that. I saved it for our other dishes.

Don't you just wanna gobble that up? Kevin ate his like a lady and cut them in half. I threw it in my mouth just the way it was. LOL I'm classy like that. It was the perfect one bite size.

Then we ordered the Daal Jhaaneko and the Quaanti. We ordered them hot but it wasn't spicy at all. I was told this by some friends, but forgot. That's why I saved the hot sauce. lol BUT the lack of hotness did not detract from the yumminess of the dishes. Daal is "Lentil puree accented with caramelized onions, ginger and roasted red chili seeds" and Quaanti is "Sprouted mixed beans simmered with roasted coriander seeds and dried Himalayan chives". Both were super yummy, probs one of the best Daal's I've had.

I'd def go back there. Soon I hope because there were so many other menu items I want to try. It was hard to choose. And if you go with a meat eating friend, they can eat too! Food for everyone! lol

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