Sunday, June 10, 2012

Restaurant Review: Yew at the Four Seasons

Yew at the Four Seasons in Vancouver launched a vegan menu a couple weeks back and I've been dying to try it. I haven't been to Yew in a few years because, well there is nothing for me to eat other than a modified salad. The regular menu is pretty phenomenal though, even as a vegan it looked pretty delish. The seafood sounds just amazing. My girlfriends ordered off the regular menu and I tried the vegan one. It was so nice to have a nice fancy vegan meal as the majority is just casual dining.

I think its pretty amazing when restaurants launch vegan or vegetarian menus or at least have more than one option. Even people who just want to eat healthier like to eat a veggie meal but it also lets the restaurant tap into a growing market. Its just smart. I love going to vegan/vegetarian restaurants but its nice to go to a place that has options for everyone. So my meat eating friends can get what they want and so can I. :)

Saffron Risotto
I got the saffron risotto with roasted sweet peppers, zucchini, cured tomatoes, and lemon olive oil. It was SOOOOOO yummy! I ate every last morsel. I also loved the presentation. Love the paella dish it was served in. It was flavourful, savoury, and just down right satisfying. My girlfriends got the bouillabaise and the arctic char. Looked amazing but I didn't take a pic of their meal.

The service was also very good. They were very attentive and treated us very well. We even got some chocolates and power cookies after dinner! I can't wait to go back to try more of the dishes and especially the lunch menu. It looks delish. AND I noticed that they have 50% off bottles of wine on Sundays!!! Yes please!

So go check out the new vegan menu at Yew. You won't be disappointed. 

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