Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Restaurant Review: Rebellious Tomato

The best green deal company, Ethical Deal, ran one for Rebellious Tomato a couple weeks ago and I snatched that up. Its not a vegan pizza shop, but it has tons of vegetarian pizzas and also has vegan cheese!!! I love the Vegan Pizza House on Kingsway but to have a shop I can just walk to a few blocks down is pretty awesome.

There menu is great and if you're a meat eater or have one in your life, this place is awesome cuz everyone will be happy. The pizza is just delish. I like the thin crust. So you get more pizza versus just filling up on the crust. The deal was for 2 medium pizzas. DONE!

I got the Thai Curry Veg with Chilies and the Sweet Inferno, both vegan. Yummers. Like I said, I liked the thin crust. Allows me to eat more without feeling like barfing from eating so much bread. And you taste more of the ingredients by having a thin crust. It had the perfect amount of cheese on it. Not too much that its overpowering and enough that I didn't think they skimped out. 

Sweet Inferno

Thai Curry Veg

Sorry, but I was really hungry. I had just got back from Whistler that afternoon, was kinda hung over, tired, and was sorta boozed. My friends were all enjoying the sun on a patio drinking pitchers of beer so of course I joined them. Life is boring if you're sitting around. Gotta get out there and enjoy it!! After that, I was starving and pizza is always a good idea after drinking your weight in beer. :) I got a little excited and ate a couple slices before I realized I hadn't taken a picture. I was going to nap but there are so few patio days in Vancouver I had to get out there!! 

The only complaint I would have is that there isn't enough chilies on it. But I guess that's just my preference towards spicy food. So I sriracha'd the shit outta it! DUH!

Check them out! They have 2 locations, one on Denman Street at Robson ish and one in North Vancouver. 




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  1. do they open at 4:30?
    my boyfriend and i were craving pizza (and using that ethical deal!) late this morning but there is no answer or message on their line. and i only see hours posted for their north van location on their website.
    do you know if they have gluten-free crusts? (and if so, does it taste any better than vegan pizza house's GF crust?)

    1. Hmmm, not sure exactly. but i'd think the same as the lonsdale location. I just phoned it in and picked it up. Its really close to me. I've only tried it once, with the deal. Got those 2 veggie pizzas with vegan cheese!!!woah! love that its not super loaded. when you get them on the phone, ask, cuz they don't even advertise the vegan cheese. lemme know if they do! i love gluten free too. :) Does vegan pizza house have GF? omg MUST TRY