Thursday, October 6, 2011

Vegan MoFo Day 6: The Foundation Review

Main Street is called the Hipster capital of Vancouver. If you frequent the area then you know that to be true, or you are a hipster as well. I do not get down to Main enough. It has some great restaurants though, so I've been trying to explore it. The Foundation is a fantastic vegetarian restaurant with a 70's diner type feel with cool quotes all over the walls and killer hip hop beats blasting in the background. Or foreground since its so loud you can't hear the person next to you. But that is no deterrent to me. I love hip hop. And I love that a restaurant plays it so loudly. It so unconventional. LOVES it.

2301 Main Street

I've only ever gone at night time so we dined by candlelight. Very romantical I know. But because of this lighting, I have no pics for you. But I did find some online. None of the food I had last night but some that I've tried. 

Last night Kevin and I got the hummus to start which comes with a large amount of Que Pasa tortilla chips. Which are the best FYI. They have like 5 ingredients, and you will know them all. YES. Plus the plate also had some Naan type bread and a huge serving of hummus sprinkled with sesame seeds. We can never finish the hummus because its HUGE and all yours for $6.50 (taxes included!).

Side note: Sesame seeds have an abnormally large amount of calcium. SO girls, sprinkle that ish on everything and boys, it helps protect against prostate cancer. So eat up, its good for you. LOL

Next up, I got the First Option. This had tons of diverse veg with a chili-coca sauce on top of rice. The sauce was something I've never tasted before. SO rich and creamy but no cream. Full of intense flavor. I must know how to make this. If anyone knows what coca sauce is please share. It'd be rude not to. 

Kevin got the rogue grain. I've had that before and its amazeballs. Its got diverse veg, chickpeas, spinach and is served on top of quinoa. I think its in a chili-lime sauce. YUM

They make a lot of their dishes with fruit which I freaking LOVE. Cooking with fruit is amazing. So tasty. Here's another dish I've tried, can't recall what its name is.

Mango, broccoli, zucchini, pasta, spinach and a coconut-lime sauce I believe.

Pnut Burger Photo curtesy of OMNOMics
Hipster aside, I LOVE Foundation. You MUST try it. Its like a thousand times better than the Naam. I like that Naam good enough, but I'm never wow'd. I'm always wow'd by the Foundation. People complain about the lines and the service. I say shut up. Its not bad at all. I've never had bad service there. I think they give good service because they're not raping you with their attention. They take your order, bring your food, and bring your bill. What more do you want? I even chatted it up with the hipster that served us too. As for the line, I've had to wait once and it was out the door. Looked crazy but was gone in 20 minutes. Lines for restaurants mean good food. I'll take that. 

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