Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Vegan MoFo Day 26: Obsession

My obsession with Coconut Yogurt continues. I didn't make dinner last night because all I wanted was this coconut yogurt. lol So I went to the store and got some fresh raspberries again and went to town. To make it more filling I used quick oats, hemp seeds, trail mix, raspberries and the yogurt.

Oh yah, I also sprinkled some coconut meat on it...........I think I might have to go into detox. I had it for breaky this morn and there's coconut milk in my soup too. LOL

Tonight I'm not cooking either, Kevin is cooking. I MIGHT make the granola tonight though. I really want to cuz I'm so curious to see if it works out and is tasty. I also have been wanting to make an Edamame hummus. I have all the parts so we'll see when I can get that done.

Peace MoFo's



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