Thursday, October 27, 2011

Vegan MoFo Day 27: Delicata Squash

I was introduced to Delicata Squash 2 or 3 weeks ago by a friend at work. It is nicknamed Sweet Potato Squash because, well, it tastes like sweet potatoes. Its pretty much the most amazing squash I have ever tasted. I'm a big fan of Butternut and Acorn (fave). Its now replaced Acorn Squash as my fave. Sorry bout that. lol

Its pretty hard to find Delicata. I've been looking for 2 or 3 weeks now to no avail. BUT I got lucky last night when I decided to go into Safeway. I almost gasped I was so excited when I saw them. AND bonus these are organic. I heard from my friend that they can be expensive so I only bought 2. They only came to $5.20 so I'm going to buy them out tonight after my work out.

All ready for me to roast! I just cut them in half, scraped out the seeds and put them inside down. Keeps steam in there making it nice and soft. That way you don't need to add oil or anything. This squash needs no seasoning. Seriously. It tastes so amazing all by itself. But it ain't lonely. Don't you worry.

OH yah! I took one with me to work today to share (which I now regret....kidding!) and I left the other one at home so I can make something delicious with it tonight. And its already roasted and ready to be devoured. 

I looked up some nutritional information on the squash, and like other squashes packs a good punch in terms of nutrients and also is very low on the calorie front making them a good weight loss food. 3/4 of a cup of this amazing vegetable has 30 calories, 7 grams of carbs, 3/4 of your RDI of vit A, 15% of vit C and has iron and calcium all with NO fat. YAH! 

And don't think that it isn't tasty because it is. It tastes like sweet potatoes but doesn't have nearly as many calories or carbs. So go for it! 

Vegan MoFo is almost done! I can't believe I've almost finished my first MoFo. What will I ever do without it? Lol 

Peace MoFo's




  1. I LOVE Delicata squash, it has such a lovely taste... personally, I find it tastes like corn! I was short on time this week and and I boiled one (kept the broth) and just ate it like that with sunflower oil and a little salt the first time, chipotle chili the second time. Amazing! I didn't know they were also very low in calories.

  2. ooooohhhh Chipotle chili! love that idea. I also saw a recipe for a pizza with it and carmelized onions and mushrooms!!! YUMMMMM