Friday, August 3, 2012

Restaurant Review Round up

The past few weeks I've gone back to a few restaurants that I've review a number of times and just felt that a whole new post was unnecessary  I like to review restaurants for you guys multiple times as I think it shows consistency that a lot of places have. Sometimes you go to a new spot once and its mind blowing and then the next time its rather lack luster.Well, these places are def not lack luster in any way shape or form. 

Loving Hut BC Reuben
Loving Hut: This was my first time having this delectable sandwich. I know I know, its like the most popular item but the burgers are just to DIE for; I got caught up. Anyhoo, the Reuben did not disappoint. True to Loving Hut style, it is rich in flavour. The only thing I'd say is its not as filling as the burgers, so maybe get it in a combo if you're used to a bigger lunch or when you want something a little lighter than this is your go-to sammy. I kinda can't wait to try it again....

Loving Hut
 Ps this is what the cart looks like, its on the corner of Pacific and Davie. GET SOME!

Loving Hut Bacon Cheeseburger
This has got to be one of my faves, its the BBQ Ring Cheeseburger. Its got this awesome cheese sauce and BBQ sauce obvs and a couple onion rings and a beefless pattie. YUMMMMM. Its saucy and delish.

Foundation Mingling Yams
The Foundation: I like to try new things. A lot. Its fun and makes like more interesting. Right?!! So I tried the mingling yam dip. Which I never really wanted to try cuz it just sounds kinda weird to make a dip from yams....but I went with it. It was pretty darn tasty. Its sweet, smooth and rich.  I would describe it as a yam hummus. Not sure if there were any chickpeas in it, but there very well could be. Actually there probs was because it was far too smooth for it to just be yams. So maybe some tahini and chickpeas. Try it. I was pleasantly surprised.

Foundation Rogue Grain
This was my friend Kevin's meal. He always gets the same thing. Tried and true. Its super yummy. Its got everything and like every other dish at Foundation, it is very filling.
Foundation Sesamum Salad
I opted for a salad this time. Its called sesamum salad, but basically its the Sesame Society dish but on a salad. Sesame Society is actually my fave item so I was happy but was kinda looking forward to a new sauce.

GRUB Berry Cake
Grub: After dinner at The Reef, my cousin and I went over to Grub and got a dessert. They feature a vegan dessert every day which is AWESOME!!! It was basically a strawberry shortcake with this amazing cream sauce on top. OMG so yummy!!! I loved all the fresh berries. It wasn't actually a strawberry shortcake but close. It had a few other types of berries. Man that was good. Good memories happening right now. I gotta get back there and try their dinner again. :)

 Loving Hut: "The Krystle"
This is The Krystle. Its the bacon cheeseburger with sauteed mushrooms. Its DA BOMB!! Yah I went there. It couldn't be more true though. You gotta get it. And make sure you ask for it by its real name....The Krystle. :)
Cultured Coffee and Tea: Sprouted Bean Trio Salad
This little vegan gem you can pick up at Cultured Coffee and Tea which is in the Granville Skytrain station, the new side. Its vegan and amazing! Its made with TruRoots Organic Sprouted Bean Trio, balsamic vinegar, roasted cherry tomatoes, and veggies. Its super flavourful and filling. You can get this with a panini or sammy which they can grill in shop. There is a veggie/vegan sammy too but they have meat ones of course.

Ok so that's what I've been up to food wise lately. Got a few others to throw down for yah, but figured this post is long enough as it is. This weekend is Vancouver Gay Pride, Vancouver Vegfest, Japanese Festival, BC Day long weekend and just a big party basically. By the sounds of it anyways. HAHA. Then I'm off to the Motherland....and by Motherland I mean Portland. Basically just going to eat, drink and be merry. lol Oh and shop too. I'll have TONS of food porn to show you! Tons!




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