Friday, August 31, 2012

Restaurant Review: Something Healthy

I have been to this little shop a few times. The name Something Healthy speaks to me. Right up my alley. lol They are located in Crosstown, 660 Abbott Street, near Tinseltown. And they have relatively good hours, open till 8pm most nights. Good if you live in the area and are in need of something healthy.... ;)

So far I've only had the vege/vegan burwich. Yup. That's what they call it. A burwich....hmmmm. Anyways, its freaking delish! Its a patty made with brown rice, chickpeas, corn, veggies, mushrooms and topped with vegan mayo. When you order the burwiches they come with a side of veggies and a pickle!!! I love pickles! Well let's be honest...who doesn't love a big pickle? 


Go check them out! I heard the smoothies are really good too and they have pizza, rice bowls and fresh juice. I'm def gonna try something new next time. I work right by there so its perfect! You also have a choice of diff types of awesome bread and they have veggie platters, hummus, wraps, paninis, salads...etc! Hmmmm, maybe I'll grab something for my ferry ride to the island this weekend. Good plan!

Have an awesome long weekend folks!




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  1. i love how positive your reviews are ^_^
    i went once, maybe 2 summers ago (it seemed like they were newly opened), but was discouraged that the food didn't actually seem to be healthy or organic. maybe i was just too obsessed about organic food! i'm not sure. but the people there definitely seemed to be well-meaning and friendly! i will have to try them again!