Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Missing in Action

Sorry friends!!! I have been totally absent from the blog. Ugh. Not really voluntarily. I went off to Portland at the beginning of August and had an accident. Kinda serious one too. I've been in bed recovering for like this whole time. I actually just started getting back to life and work just late last week. So I'm REALLY sorry for neglecting yah folks!! I have lots of posts planned for this week and will start with one tomorrow. Restaurant reviews and recipes galore! I knew I was getting better when I had this insane urge to create something new in the kitchen. That was a happy day!! 

That's me before Color me Rad! Will fill you in on that fun time too. 

Stay tuned! Tomorrow loves.




  1. yikes! glad you are back on your feet! and that you were able to do colour me rad! ^_^

  2. Love you girl!! How are you feeling now??