Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Restaurant Review: Spicy Vegetarian Cuisine

Last week my friend Jimmy and I ventured out to Richmond to see the Batman movie on the IMAX screen. Which by the way, I highly suggest. Movie was awesome! Screen was HUGE. We decided to meet a little early so we could have some eats. I checked out the Happy Cow website to see what the options were in Richmond. Even though eating vegetarian is quite easy if going for Asian cuisine, I figured there would be a vegan Chinese restaurant there and I was right.

We found Spicy Vegetarian Cuisine on No. 3 Road. Not a very creative name for a restaurant, lol but it gets its message across. It was a typical Chinese restaurant in terms of decor, but the food was pretty darn tasty. We originally wanted to go to a different spot but its closed on Mondays. FAIL.

Beef and Broccoli with Tofu Sheets in a pepper sauce
I really liked this dish the most. The sauce was yummy and flavourful. The 'beef' was tasty....I freaking love tofu sheets and broccoli is my fave vegetable. WIN! The sauce was so good that I was using the tofu sheets from the sweet and sour dish to soak up the sauce. And then the lady came to clear the plate, I got sad and wouldn't let her. HAHA
Sweet and Sour Tofu Sheets
I can't remember the last time I got a sweet and sour dish. Probs when I was in high school or something. But this one was delectable. Of course I'm a big lover of the tofu sheets and I'm pretty sure the sweet and sour sauce was homemade. And it had finely chopped veggies in it.
Wide Shanghai Noodles with mushrooms
This noodle dish was good. Not my fave, and not the best I've ever had. But it was nice. It had bean sprouts and mushrooms. I love these kind of noodles. Rice noodles in general are my fave. Whether they are wide or skinny, it don't matter. This was the only dish we couldn't finish. We're pigs. lol

We got some lovely watermelon for dessert with our meal, complimentary. I find that a lot of vegan Chinese restaurants do this. I think its a nice touch. Fruit is a great way to end a meal. Something about sweets after a meal make my digestion better. Not sure if there is some science to back me up but it feels right. 

I really enjoyed the meal here and would definitely go back. If you're in Richmond, check them out! I think they do pretty well. It got packed right after we got there. The service was average. Nothing good or bad to say. They were friendly enough but not much interaction. 

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