Friday, August 24, 2012

Restaurant Review: La Taqueria

I have been to La Taqueria a couple times but just forget to snap pics cuz I gobble up my tacos too fast. :) They have a pretty good selection of veggie tacos, some of which are vegan and some just vegetarian. I love that! I never tried them before I was vegan so I can't attest to the meat ones being good but I imagine they are if the vegan ones are so killer.

The vegan options are Tinga de Hongos: sauteed mushrooms in a spicy chipotle sauce and De Picadillo: sauteed ground tofun in Chin-chin's secret recipe (Contains nuts). I get both, duh. And love both pretty equally but I'm partial to the Tinga de Hongos cuz its sauteed mushrooms which is one of my one true loves. They also have 2 vegetarian ones but I haven't tried them because they have dairy in them and well, I don't eat dairy. lol

 This is the shop at 322 W. Hastings. Its awesome, small and cute. Its pretty fast too. I've never waited long.

So, they also have this little condiment bar where you take your tacos and load it up with guacamole, hot peppers, hot veggies, pickled onions and hot sauce. I of course am a hot sauce addict and always load it up like crazy. So much so that I'm dripping with sweat. I always forget that Mexican food is actually spicy. LOL They don't try to trick you. haha

If you're looking for some good quality and tasty taco's in Vancouver, check them out!! I know there's a lot of options but these guys really do them up good. I'm no expert but I think they are more like traditional Mexican cuisine than a lot of the others.

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  1. You can also do the frijoles without cheese and it's vegan! delish!

  2. They also have a location on Cambie at Broadway too. Love that place!