Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Vegan in Kelowna: restaurant review Lake Tai

This past weekend one of my girlfriends got married in Kelowna, so Kevin and I rented a car and went on a little road trip. The drive sure was beautiful and hot. :) Of course you already knew this, I posted my travel snacks and salad recipe already, but what you didn't get to see is the yummy vegan Chinese restaurant I found. Its called Lake Tai and is Taiwanese food. All vegan. 

 You can find it at 1958 Kiirschner Road. Its kinda off the beaten path, but many veggie restaurants are.

Pickled Cabbage
 She started us off with a little pickled cabbage appy. Light and yummy. No tricks here.

Beef and Broccoli
Essentially it was beef and broccoli. Can't remember what the menu called it. It came all in a bowl and then she dumped it into that scorching hot plate and it cooked a little further. Was pretty exciting. lol This was my fave dish. The beef looked so real and broccoli is my fave. The sauce was SO tasty. Rich and full of sensations. :)

Vermicelli noodles with veggies
Light tasting, nothing too strong. Went well with the broccoli dish. Yummy. I haven't had vermicelli noodles in a while so I was stoked.
Pan fried dumplings
I liked how these weren't closed on the ends. They didn't even spill out. Which would lead you to think there wasn't a lot of filling, but you would be wrong.

 A close up of the "beef". Looks pretty real hey?

Sorta like a cream puff but pineapple flavour and no actual cream. It was vegan and delish. It was still warm. Mmmmm
Enjoying every last bite. 

So if you're from Kelowna, passing through, or hanging out, go find Lake Tai and eat your face off. Vegan or not you will leave satisfied. Its just good food.

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