Thursday, July 5, 2012

Restaurant Review: Roaming Dragon Food Truck

After seeing a friends picture of one of the veggie wraps at Roaming Dragon it was imperative that I visit them and fast. lol And boy was it delish!!! Roaming Dragon is a Pan Asian food truck that serves some seriously yummy and creative dishes. They opened their "doors" in June 2010 and have already been featured on Eat Street!

I ordered 2 dishes cuz well, that's what I do, I eat. A lot. It was WAY too much food but I wanted to try more dishes and 2 is all I can handle without having to waste lots. And that is just wrong, sacrilege.  Good thing one was a salad. :)

Roaming Dragon 'chop' Salad
"Suichoy & Purple cabbage, Thai basil, mint, goji berries, coconut & pineapple, peanuts, pickled green mango, tossed with garlic-cilantro vinaigrette." This was a nice, fresh tasting salad. Duh, all salad should taste fresh. Lol But I mean that it's not bogged down by a really overpowering dressing. The dressing is light but flavourful. It is coated just the right enough that you taste it and it enhances the natural flavours of the veggies themselves. It also has peanuts, YUM. I also liked the basil leaves. I usually never eat them because they are so strong and overpowering, but I just felt like the basil went so well with the salad that I gobbled it up. Perfection. Plus fresh basil is super good for you. As are all fresh herbs.

Malaysian Lime-Chili Tofu Grilled Burrito
"Asian harvest slaw, peanut sauce, pickled purple cabbage & red onion, carrots & shitake mushroom, sweet soy, rolled in a flour tortilla." This was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good! Omg. The sauce, holy smokes. I REALLY enjoyed it. I didn't waste one drop of it. lol The sauce doesn't sound like anything special, "sweet soy" just sounds like a sweet soy sauce, but don't let that fool you kids, this sauce is super yummy. And peanut sauce. There are so many flavours in this Asian burrito that I just couldn't handle it. 


Run to Burrard and Robson and hit up the Roaming Dragon food truck. I'm sure the non-veggie dishes are just as amazing. I know you can add tuna to the salad, but obvs I did not. And I'm pretty sure they have a new veggie wrap, but I didn't see it on the menu. I just heard via FB.....

I'm off to Kelowna for the weekend. My friend is getting married. Its gonna be fun! And super hot. Which is awesome of course, but I'm kinda sad I'm leaving Vancouver when its so nice out. We get so few of these days.  I have of course checked out some veggie spots to eat at and prepped some snacks.

I'll post the recipe for that Mexican quinoa salad tomorrow. Its yummy! So as you can see I've got strawberries, grapefruit, carrots, hummus, almonds, Mexican quinoa salad and a couple clif bars. Plus there will be water and my Vega One. :)

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