Wednesday, July 4, 2012


I thought I`d do something a bit different with this post. I figure this blog is not just my cookbook but like my journal. Its been over 2 years now that I`ve been vegan and its been an amazing journey. I have in no way been perfect. There`s been a slip up here and there. No meat, but I`ve had a few bites of fish and the occasional bit of egg or mayo. Sometimes unintentional, people tricking me, or I just didn`t know. I figure when you eat out, its a risk that you have to take. Every vegan will have there own thoughts on that, but that`s how I feel. I`m not too finicky. I also went to Thailand last year and just wanted to try a bite here and there. Although it was extremely easy to eat vegan in Thailand, there was a night where a friend from Burma cooked us a traditional Burmese meal that had fish, and well I thought it would be rude not to try a bite or 2. Not much though.

Health is amazing, energy is amazing and all those other benefits from having such a great diet are in fine working order. I in no way feel deprived or lacking of any nutrient of any shape or form. I feel fantastic! BUT lately, maybe because its summer and BBQ season, I`ve been feeling weak. In April I had some serious meat cravings (sounds dirty, I know lol) but I did not cave. I just bought and ate a lot of veggie burgers in hopes to trick my craving. It passed. I don`t have these cravings anymore, but in the back of my mind, I still think about it. Not meat, not dairy, not eggs, but seafood. Being Japanese decent, and living in Vancouver, seafood and sushi is a huge part of my life. Veggie sushi is delish and I`ve recently been introduced to a cool spot that does some really creative veggie rolls but sometimes I just want tuna. I also feel that you need to listen to your body, and when you're having a craving....its your body telling you something. It may not necessarily be for that particular food, but the emotion that it evokes.

There`s SO many good veggie options, but sometimes I feel like a burden. Take my recent trip to Whistler. Yah there`s a lot of options, but I don`t want to spend a fortune and go to a fancy place, or have to drive anywhere or walk 10 minutes from the main village and nor do I want to make a group of 10 people cater to me. So what did I do.....I ate 3 boring veggie burgers. No sauce. The Ingrids one was good, but still, no sauce. My friends are awesome and supportive, but when you're the one dragging everyone around looking at menu's it just kinda gets awkward.

I don`t want to stop being vegan, let`s get that clear, I just get tired sometimes. Sometimes its just exhausting having to explain myself and be so prepared. Looking up restaurants for a trip, looking at menu`s, packing lunches, snacks, etc. I LOVE to cook. And I LOVE to plan. Its just my nature, but I guess it would be nice to have some time off. Or someone to do it for me. Maybe that`s my issue. lol

I've never been the kind of vegan to be preachy or political. I could care less what anyone else eats, I only care what I put in my body. I think meat is delicious, I will always say it, but I don't want it in my body. More so dairy, that ish is toxic. I think maybe I've been eating out too much lately. Maybe that's what I need. To get back in my kitchen more. I've just been so busy, and going away on the weekends so much. Sigh.

Any thoughts or inspiration for me? DO you ever feel this way? Do you ever get tired? Do you have cravings? Have you ever cheated?

Sorry for babbling on but I just feel like I should show those readers who may be shaky sometimes that others do too, and its ok. We just gotta center ourselves and move on. Get back to basics I guess. Remind ourselves why we do it. Remind me please. :)

Thanks friends!!





  1. I believe in listening to your body. You live an extremely healthful lifestyle, so when you have cravings, it isn't food chemical induced (like with the people who are addicted to processed foods). It is a real need from your body. I think that if you have a couple of bites, occasionally, and give your body what it asks for, it is being good to yourself. It is honoring your body and your needs, and nobody should judge you poorly for that- - including yourself.

    1. Thank you Andrea!! That's how I feel. I will usually try to give it time before giving in, cuz I figure a part of cravings is emotional not just physical. Thanks for the support! :)

  2. Totally valid thoughts! I mainly eat vegan because of my IBS although I always say that I "dabble in poultry." For awhile I was eating a lot more chicken than I normally would, because I was having cravings. Since chicken doesn't upset my stomach I thought the same that you did - listen to my body. I don't love the idea of meat, but if it's what my system needs then...well, I go for it. In the meantime I have reduced the intake again and am back to "dabbling."

    As for being tired - I get that. Except for poultry and honey, I'm vegan. AND gluten-free, AND soy-free and there are a lot of other fruits/veggies that I can only do in moderation. Same as you, I have supportive people, but generally it means I bring my own food everywhere I go. There is definitely something liberating about just ordering something without asking the type of broth used, did they cook it in butter, is there gluten in the sauce, etc.

    I hear ya - it's not easy!! And while I agree that it's good to remind ourselves of the basics, I also think it's important to allow ourselves the room to be human. If you feel like tuna and meat on occasion, I wouldn't call you a non-vegan. You still are making a much larger difference than most towards an animal's life, the environment, and your health. Just like everything else, I don't think we have to be perfect at being vegan. :)


    1. YES!!! liberating is totally the right word for it. I LOVE going to a vegan restaurant. It makes me feel amazing when I don't have to search and ask a ton of questions. IBS? ouchy! that's tough, a major reason to eat clean. Good on yah, V, GF and SF? amazing, I love tofu but I've been cutting it WAY back. but soy sauce is in my blood. LOL

  3. When I get that "tired of explaining myself" feeling, expecially when travelling, I flat out lie. Very fitting for your Honesty post!

    I find restaurants will bend over backwards if you use phrases like "lactose intolerant" and "allergic to eggs" and it's way easier and faster to get what I want without having to give a mini lesson in vegan 101.

    Cravings are hard. It's hard to tell if it's caused by a true lack of something, if it's low blood sugar, bad mood, pms, because you know how to quicky attain it, or something else. I find all cravings go away if I just eat more, but of course that's not always easy when out.

    1. HAHA I lie too!!! agreed, its sometimes so much easier to say you have an allergy. lol too funny. Yah def agree with you on the cravings, that's why I just try not to ever cave. So far its been a once a year thing. cravings can mean so many things.

  4. I think we've all been through a lot of this. Don't feel bad about it. Just go with what will let you sleep at night, and don't worry about the folks who say otherwise. There will always be someone telling you you're not doing a good enough job, but there are people out there who think you're doing just fine. That goes for a lot in life, but I've found the vegan camp has both sides to the extreme. =)

  5. As the other commentors have said, all of these thoughts and feelings are normal. What helps me is remembering that no one is perfect; nothing is perfect. If you feel strongly about an issue (like animal welfare), do your best to support it in whatever way that you can. Anyone who judges you is coming from a false sense of self perfection. As long as you are doing what you feel is right and aligns with your morals and ethics, then you're living your life well. Don't feel bad about how others may perceive your actions. However, if you feel guilty about things for personal reasons, those would be good actions to stay away from. Congratulations on 2 years of leading a healthier lifestyle! I hope you have many more to come.