Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Restaurant Review: The Eatery

Soooo, because I enjoyed The Eatery SO much the first time, I pretty much ran there. lol Well not literally. I got a ride. My cousin Josh and I like to hang out and eat food. Lol Who doesn't? He is pretty much open to whatever, he just wants to try all sorts of different places. So far he's loved em all, so whatever I suggest he's game. Love that.

Being of Japanese decent, sushi is obvs a first love of ours. We have frequented Shabusen MANY times before but that's just for a good ole fashion all you can eat sushi coma. When I went to The Eatery the first time, I immediately thought of Josh. He LOVES sushi a lot. 

We ordered another veggie platter called The Revolution. It had about 5 or 6 different veggie rolls. One of them wasn't offered anymore and another one had cream cheese, so we subbed those for diff ones. And then I ordered agedashi tofu and Josh ordered 2 extra rolls, filled with meat. 

Agedashi Tofu
Normal agedashi tofu, nothing special. It was good but because the rolls are so creative I thought there would be something diff here.

The Revolution platter
YUM!!! 2 rolls are pretty healthy but yummy. The rest are some taste explosions in your mouth. Super yummy sauces and flavour combinations. The rolls are so creative that you just have no idea where to start. I suggest a platter just to make things easier the first couple times until you get the lay of the land.
Miss Piggy and X Rated
Not entirely sure what they were but cool meat combo's like bacon, eel, salmon, tuna etc. I don't eat it but I can admire the creativity that goes into the rolls. 

Sorry for the flash, but its quite dark in there, so unfort its unavoidable. :( But just get there. Its not downtown, or even close but SO worth it. For reals.

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