Friday, July 13, 2012

Restaurant Review: The Juice Truck

I have been dying to get down to Gastown and check out The Juice Truck for a while now but more so when I found out they had a smoothie called 'The Special'. It's got coconut water, coconut meat, coconut milk, vanilla, agave and lime. OMG. My coconut wet dream. *drool

 They are located at the corner of Abbott and Water Street in a red truck.  But on the weekends they could be in Kits or Gastown so follow them on Facebook or Twitter for up-to-date news. The service is super friendly and sometimes they give you samples. :) I got a sample of the Avocado Pineapple. Wow. I always forget how good avocado is in smoothies. I should stop that. 

The menu!

The Special
It sure is special!!! I had to actively stop myself from downing it in 2 minutes flat. It was SO yummy. The coconut water is obviously super hydrating and the coconut meat adds some texture. I also love that its not sweetened with white sugar. Its all quality here.

The Green
I went back a 2nd time and tried a Cold Pressed Juice. I got The Green which is cucumber pressed with kale, parsley, celery and lime. You can sub half the greens for green apple, but I didn't. Straight up. It was yummy! I thought it was going to be a lot more 'green' tasting but the lime seasoned it up quite nicely. It was a welcome surprise. I wanted something uber healthy and detoxifying which it def was but the lime added that little extra to make it amazing.

I'm pretty sure I'm going back today, so check my facebook or twitter, cuz I'm sure I'll be sharing that pic! I might get The Blueberry Matcha or The Hybrid or maybe The Special again. I just love it so much. Check them out if you're in the area!

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