Sunday, March 4, 2012

Restaurant Review: The Templeton

After a good night at the Canucks game on Thursday night, Dave and I were having a little bit of a rough go on Friday morning so we headed over to the Templeton for some eats to energize.  I like the Templeton. Its this little 50's style diner on Granville Street that has a menu that has some vegan options on it. Which is awesome for me cuz then I can eat something other than a fruit cup and my friends can get eggs.

The only problem with the Templeton is that its small. Lol I usually go on Saturday or Sunday morning and its packed! But they are pretty efficient and usually won't have to wait too long. Friday around noon was not all that busy. Thankfully. I needed my food ASAP. lol

I always get Huevos Rancheros. Every time. The only other item I've had there was the Vegan Chili at lunch and I tasted the lentil loaf with mushroom gravy. my friend Natasha got that many, many months ago. Maybe last year, but man was it good! I've never been able to recreate it. I've tried a many of times.

A little boozy. lol

I wore a Canucks T-Shirt and Dave wore a jersey and we both forgot to take our hoodies off. Lol. Ooops.

Huevos rancheros
I got veggie bacon for the first time. Nice addition but for me its not necessary. I like it and all but there's enough protein in a tofu scramble that I don't need the added protein from the bacon. After Mo.Le in Victoria, this is my fave huevos rancheros. PLUS they have hot sauce. 2 kinds. And one is sriracha. Nuff said.

I always dump the fresh salsa on top of the tofu scramble and then mix in the beans. Then douse it in hot sauce. LOL I should have taken a pic of the rosemary potatoes. Cuz they are effin delish at the Templeton. Dave got a Denver omelet. I forgot to take a pic. Oops. I was too busy with mine. lol

So if you need a good breaky and you're with some meat-eating friends, check out The Templeton on Granville St. Its also got a regular tofu scramble but I've never had that. They also have some vegan lunch/dinner options. DO IT.

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