Monday, March 5, 2012

Restaurant Review: Bandidas Taqueria

I have been dying to check out Bandidas Taqueria for quite some time. My friends over at The Vegan Project told me about this place when I first became vegan and I just FINALLY got over there on Saturday. Well am I ever glad I went. This place is AWESOME!!!! The vegan option is this great blend of organic tofu and butternut squash instead of eggs!!! Never have I seen that before. Not just a tofu scramble with no flavour.

I got 'The Breakfast' which is 'Free range eggs, pinto beans, roasted yams and potatoes, purple cabbage, and fresh salsa, served with cornbread with honey butter.' I made mine vegan and got the butternut squash and organic tofu, no honey butter and they threw in some of this apple salsa I think. It wasn't a tomato one, and it was fabulous!

The Breakfast
 How excited was I when I saw Daiya on top!!! Love it! Plus, omg I love beans. And beans like this for breaky is sooooooo yummy! I honestly loved everything about this breaky.

And of course, I smothered it with hot sauce. This was the mild dosage. I drowned it some more. I didn't ask, but I don't think they do sriracha. I guess cuz it is a Mexican restaurant. Lol I'll take any hot sauce though. Mmmmmm

My Aunt and Uncle were equally as satisfied with the place and we're DEF going back. I even took pics of their food. I don't always take pics of omnivore food. Not because I'm against it or anything, I'm just usually so fascinated with what's going on my own plate that I forget. But I should start, not everyone's a vegan. Lol

This is a new menu item and I was REALLY torn. I wanted it because it has hummus and KALE!!! But I don't like to get the same meal as someone else at the table cuz I wanna try and see as many items as I can. LOL This one had Free range eggs, kale, hummus, apple salsa, red cabbage, Mexican rice & two hand-made tortillas.`` I'm pretty sure I'll get this next time.....or the one below. I don't knooowwwww!

I`m not sure exactly which benny my aunt got. But the Benny`s here are not your average benny. They are topped with your choice of a salsa verde or a roasted red tomato salsa. Um, excuse meÉ Did you say your benny`s are topped with salsa. WTF. How did I NOT see that. I LOVE SALSA!! My Aunt LOVED it. She`s also a HUGE fan of butternut squash and pinto beans so she got those too. I love how they use yams as well as potatoes. I love how I`m saying love a lot in this I think I might like it just a little.

Anyways, Omni`s, vegans and vegetarians fear not. We can still eat breakfast together. This place might be my new fave breakfast joint. Yup. It just might be. I`ll have to go one more time to make it official but its looking promising.

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