Monday, March 26, 2012

Restaurant Review: Chomp Vegan Eatery

Last week I had the pleasure of going to Chomp Vegan Eatery again. I really like this place. It's super cute and the food is awesome. Its also gluten free which as you know I'm really into. This time we decided to take out lunch back to my friend Leanne's place because we had just finished a run with her girls and needed to get them back. Check out my last post on them to see what we ate the first time. We made sure to try some different items, especially made a point of getting the mac and cheese!

Fiery Thai Tofu Bowl
Mac 'n Cheesy
We got those 2 dishes and split them. Both very good. The Thai tofu bowl was not fiery but that's just cuz I'm a lover of spicy food. So sriracha was added. But the peanut sauce was extra yummy. But the Mac 'n Cheesy stole the show. It was cheeserific and gooey. The gluten free noodles were good. And it came with a side of garlic toast. YUM.

So out of the 5 dishes I've tried there, the grilled cheese and the mac 'n cheesy win for sure. Next up as a must try is the nachos and the poutine. There's also a kale salad that sounds phe-nom and a couple of wraps that sound delectable. In all honesty, everything sounds good. It's always that way for me at a vegan joint. Its like Christmas. I'm so thrown off by the fact that I can eat everything that I don't know what to order. LOL

So, if you haven't already checked this place out, I suggest that you do. Its a little out of the way but well worth it. Us vegans and foodies for that matter have to stick together. Will travel for food. :) The only complaint I have is that the serving size is a tad small. But considering that its gluten free and vegan its not bad. I usually don't care about the serving size because I don't eat like McDonalds diners do. Not everything needs to be supersized. I was satisfied, so no real complaint.

PS they also do breakfast!!! I REALLY want to try it. I think its all day too. BONUS

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  1. If you enjoy spicy def. try the mexi scramble. It's got some kick! Also I've noticed that the fire in the tofu bowl is not always consistant and because you enjoy spice (like me) you can always ask them to take it up a notch. :)

    1. Sweet! I'll have to try to get out there for a breakfast one day. THanks for the tip! :) I love me some spicy food.