Saturday, March 17, 2012

Restaurant Review: Rasoee

Kevin had one last Groupon for Rasoee and it was expiring so we headed over to Rasoee on Robson the other night. I've eaten there before and I liked it. This was no different. As a vegan I only have one option but its totally delicious so I don't care. I usually get it when I'm out for Indian food anyways, and this dish is pretty good at Rasoee.

Apparently the groupon he got was for a meal combo. So we were able to choose a curry, a drink, naan and have a honey dot. Since I'm vegan, the honey dot is out of the question. So I asked if I could have a veggie samosa instead. She asked the manager or whoever else was working but he said no. With the groupon you cannot upgrade or change it at all. I was pretty annoyed. The veggie samosa is cheaper than the honey dot. And I can't eat it. Now I'm all tainted. When I went to Chutney Villa and didn't want the dessert the server happily offered me a second appy instead. I didn't even request it. Every other place I've done a groupon or dine out or something similar where I can't eat a portion of it, has always offered me another option. So on this, I'm VERY disappointed. The honey dots went to waste. Sigh.

But, that aside, the server was very sweet and the food is decent. Kevin chose the chicken curry this time, he usually has the spinach chicken one. He enjoyed it very much.

Chicken Curry

Look at all that sauce!

As I mentioned above, I had the chickpea curry. Yum!

Chickpea Curry
We of course asked for hot sauce. No meal is complete without it. I should have taken a pic. It was very watery, and he warned me saying it was hot, but I'm a hot sauce queen so I dumped it on. He was right. It was pretty hot. LOL But nothing I couldn't handle. Like any lover of hot sauce, you just keep your head down, keep eating and MAN UP! Lol There was def a little moisture on my forehead. Ha.

All in all, Rasoee is a good spot for quick Indian food. They deliver, you can take it home, eat in. Its pretty quick so if you're in a bind its perfect. I hear they are opening one in my hood. Across from the Whole Foods on Robson. Yah!! So even though they were a little lame on the samosa front, I'd probs still eat there. Although, I like to make my own Indian food. :)

Today is St Patty's, how were you celebrating? I went for a gorgeous 10km run around the park, went to a friends gym for a good 1.25 hour workout and now I'm getting ready to have a green beer....or maybe just a vodka water. I'm not down with beer these days.





  1. Oooo, that looks good. Sucks that they struggled so much to accommodate you!
    What's your all time favourite hot sauce??
    Have you tried Mary Sharps? It's from Belize, and it's the best I've ever had. Worth backpacking for!
    Great site, very enjoyable!

    1. I know!!! Very disappointed. Sigh.

      My fave hot sauce by far is Sriracha!! All the way! I put that ish on everything. LOL But I love all hot sauce, except tobasco. Never heard of Mary Sharps....I must look this up! Thanks for the awesome feedback.