Thursday, March 29, 2012

Product Review: The Simply Bar

As you may already know, I'm a big fan of the Simply Bar. I have been eating them since October when I got a few samples at the Victoria Half Marathon. And man am I ever glad I did! My go to bar before this was the clif bar. Not that I don't like clif bars, the peanut butter ones are to die for, but there is just a ton of sugar and a ton of ingredients. I don't even know them all. They are darn tasty but not entirely in line with my values as a healthy person.

I love the Simply Bar for many reasons; low in sugar, low in fat, low in calories and high in protein and fiber. Yah! Its also officially vegan, kosher, gluten free and easily digestible. Jeez, speak my language much? lol A bar after my own heart. And its got it!

I'm not sure if you know, but I recently joined twitter. I know I know, I'm late in the game. But I'm totally loving it! Its fun! Lots of fun facts out there and hilarious tweets. But why I'm really loving it is that it is a great way to network. I've connected with some awesome vegans, vegetarians, foodies, health fanatics, fitness freaks and the restaurants and products I love and want to love. Because of this new venture into the twittersphere, I connected with The Simply Bar.

Peanut butter Chocolate
That's a pic of one of my fave ones. This is from about a month ago. I tweeted this pic. :)

I guess my love affair with these bars caught the attention of The Simply Bar. They contacted me a few weeks ago and asked me to try out their new formula. They redesigned the bars to have lower sugar. Say wha? Lower sugar? SIGN ME UP! The company has recently conducted a few studies on current health concerns and sugar is the main concern we have. The trend has gone away from fat being the culprit and sugar is the new villain. I couldn't agree more. Sugar is addictive, hard on the adrenal glands, spikes blood sugar and well, just makes you fat.

By choosing a diet rich in whole foods and making smart snacking choices (like The Simply Bar) you can achieve a healthy, balanced diet. Look at what they sent me:

OMG!!! What a lucky girl I am!! How amazing is that? Super stoked. I actually ripped the box open. LOL What's also great is that I've tried the old formula and now can compare to see if there is much of a difference. Let's get to my review.

The Review:

1. They are still my fave bar.
2. The lower sugar content did not change the overall taste.
3. The bars still taste great. They have always had a lighter taste than other bars. But the flavour is still there.
4. Lemon Coconut is still my fave flavour. LOL

That's my review on the new product but here's a little bit more on the bar itself.

Each bar has about 11 or less ingredients, higher fiber than sugar, 16 grams of protein, 160 or less calories per bar, vegan, kosher, easily digestible, low in fat, good for celiacs or crohns, gluten free, etc etc etc. So many good things. Its also not a typical gluten free product that is usually laden with rice or potato starch, which although not bad does not give much nutritional value and is a little high on the glycemic index. It also doesn't contain any refined carbohydrates or sugars. It uses brown rice syrup which is natural and lower on the GI. It also doesn't have sugar alcohols (sorbitol, maltitol). Sugar alcohols are hard for the body to digest and can create gas and bloating. Ick!

Its great for athletes too. It provides a lot of protein without all the crap that traditional protein bars usually come with. It also has 20% of your daily iron needs. Which is great for people who work out a lot. Iron is used to carry oxygen to your cells and carbon dioxide away. It is really important to get enough iron for everyone and especially for people who work out a lot. Hard training stimulates an increase in red blood cells and increases the need for iron. This is more so for athletes who train with high intensity and endurance. Its ESPECIALLY true for women. Iron is also lost in sweat.....So eat these bars! Have I sold them to you yet?

A bit on texture....they are made from soy rice crisps (non-GMO) so they are more of a crunchy bar. I love that! Check out this comparison chart they sent me:

Click on the pic to make it bigger. Can you see it? Look how great it stacks up to the competition? Yah maybe it doesn't have as much protein as others, its about mid range level, but it has the most protein for the least calories, low fat, low sugar, high fiber. A bar you can feel great about eating. They also have some awesome flavours that make it like eating something naughty but you're not. Lol That's good for me cause I love being bad. HA! JK.

They have 6 flavours. Peanut butter and chocolate, cocoa and raspberry, cocoa and coffee, caramel and peanut, cinnamon and pecan and lemon and coconut. Peanut butter and chocolate and lemon and coconut are my faves fo sho.

So check them out! I know for sure you can get them at Whole Foods, on their website, some Pharmasaves and I heard London Drugs but I'm not sure about that one. If you go to their site, there is a big list or just go to Whole Foods. I love that place.

Hope you enjoyed my review as much as I have!!! I gotta slow down on these things, I'm tearing through this box! lol Its good though, I'm training REALLY hard these days. Got the spartan race in May and Tough Mudder in June. Plus I gotta run a half marathon sometime soon and a few other races. So the extra protein and iron from these bars is doing great things for my training and recovery. I just keep em in my purse and in my pockets for after my workouts. Great for travelling too!

So thank you to The Simply Bar for generously offering me a sample of their new bar! I feel very honoured to be able to take part in this revolution on the traditional protein bar. Vive le resistance!

Eat lean, train mean, get lean!




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