Thursday, February 23, 2012

Restaurant Review: Organic Lives (again!)

I know I know, I've reviewed this place multiple times but I can't help it, I just love it so much. Since I'm doing a cleanse I needed to eat pretty clean, and Organic Lives is about as clean as you can get, in terms of eats. I was having a date night with my friend Steve and Brooke. Yah, Steve is quite the stud. Him and 2 lovely ladies. Lol

As per usual, we started with the Tapas Platter. Its honestly the best thing to get, especially if you're a newbie. It gives you a little taste of what Organic Lives is all about. Its fresh, its delicious and its VERY satisfying. 

Tapas Platter
We also had the Mexi Spirals. Steve REALLY wanted to try these because they have a heirloom tomato cape. LOL Food with a cape is awesome. We ended up calling the cape a fruit roll up. Because that's what it was like, but with tomatoes. And ps they don't sell them anymore, I asked. (sad face)

Mexi Spirals
They are so yummy!!! Filled with tons of veggies and a nice little sauce. I'm pretty sure I ate 3 of them. And the lettuce that was on the bottom. HA. I don't like to waste. And I'm a pig. Lol

I got the Veggie Burger that had tons of sprouts, tomato and YAM BREAD!!! BAM! This burger was seriously good. I think there might have been beets in it maybe and there was ground masala in it. Super yummy. I would DEF get this again. Plus it had a side of kale chips, which are awesome FYI.

Brookey got the Masala Dosa. It is so good. I really like this dish a lot. Maybe a fave? Not sure. Everything is so good. I also love the presentation of it. Its so huge!! Its a bit intimidating to eat but so delish. And the soup they give you on the side is super spicy and I love it.

Masala Dosa

It comes with 2 sides of chutney, raisin and coconut. Mmmmm. Its got a eggplant and green pea filling. Which doesn't sound appealing to me because I don't like eggplant or green peas too much. And when I say that I just don't like them on their own, but all mashed up with spices like this is heaven! 

Steve got the Sicilian Wrap. This I've never had and I gotta say its super yummy. It also has the fruit roll up around it. And it came with either a caesar salad or soup. Steve opted for the soup. It was good, but not my fave. I love the spicy one that comes with the Masala Dosa too much I think. 

Sicilian Wrap

Looks amazing right? T'was indeed. 

THEN we had dessert. Its all vegan, soy free and gluten free. Plus the whole place is wheat free too. LOVES it! I've never had good macaroons until I came here. Honestly. I was never a fan. But these macaroons are to DIE for. 

It was a small cheat on the cleanse, But not much. The only ingredient would have been the coconut that I'm not supposed to have. But its organic and amazing. So I'm cool with it. We couldn't wait and had a bite before I could snap a pic. Then we got silly.....

Raspberry Macaroon
We had the heart cookie, the lemon macaroon and the raspberry macaroon. And they threw in a thumbprint for good measure. LOVE them!!! Thank youuuuuuuuuuu!!!! I think my fave was the cookie, or the raspberry wait it was the thumbprint. Oh dang, this is hard. Lol

Then we jetted off to Whole Foods to pick up a couple snacks for the movie and some groceries for Steve before we went to the movies. We saw "The Woman in Black". Which was good. Super creepy. It was one of those jumpy scary movies. Brooke and I were very stressed out. I screamed and gasped many times. Had to cover my mouth, cuz it makes me feel safe. LOL And Steve even scared me! Jerkface. Lol He planned it for like 2 minutes. It was pretty awesome, but he got a few smacks for it. Well worth it I'm sure. Lol

I decided to sell some seaweed snacks while I was at Whole Foods. LOL Just being silly.

These are really good by the way but there's this Korean brand that is WAY better. These are more oily then the Asian brands I find. And the Asian brands are thicker, which I like. But I'm good right? You'd buy it from me right? Lol

So to sum up. GO TO ORGANIC LIVES. They also have classes and workshops. Some of which are free. They are AWESOME!! I've gone to one and I can't wait till I can go to the next. So informative and fascinating. 

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  1. YUM! thanks for this, it's on our list for the next time we go to the mainland!!!

    1. You def should T!!! Its really awesome.Makes you feel so good and nourished. :)