Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I have awesome friends

Its true. I do have awesome friends. In particular I'm talking about the ones who are cognizant of the fact that I'm vegan and still want to cook for me. Some omnivores find it difficult to figure out what to cook for a vegan. So I really appreciate it when my friends take the time to make me a meal and really put some thought into it. Especially now that I'm wheat/gluten free. It sounds intense or fanatical but its really not. 

In particular I'm talking about Kevin. You've heard me talk about him. I've never told him what to cook, how to cook it, or what makes certain foods vegan or not. He just gets it and probs looks up the stuff he's unsure of online (Gawd, I love google) Lol. Last night was no different, he made me an awesome meal that was gluten free and deelish. Obvs vegan too.

It had chickpeas, lots of veggies, mushrooms, low fat coconut milk, lemon grass, curry. He laid down a bed of spinach in the bowl, topped it with red rice and then the curry. SUPER yummmm factor here. I loved the bed of spinach. I keep meaning to do it but I always forget. The Foundation does that for many of their dishes and I always think to myself that its a great idea. Lol. Kudos Kevin. :)

He then baked some thinly sliced tofu and drizzled some sriracha on top. Duh. I can't have a meal without it. It was a lot too, my mouth was on fire!!! But like a true sriracha fan, I powered through to build my tolerance.  Check out this funny ode to sriracha

Some other friends that are also awesome at making vegan food for me is Brooke and Natasha. Both are pretty healthy eaters and not vegan. Nor is Kevin. But they love to eat healthy and obvs they love me too. LOL 

I've been on a salad bender these past couple weeks. Roasted veggie has been the fave but this past 8 or so days its been all about mangoes for some reason. I just use spinach, kale, and whatever veggies I have. Cucumber being a good accompaniment for the mango then I drizzle some fresh lime juice on top. No other dressing needed, 

This one in particular had spinach, kale, purple cabbage, celery, green onion and mango. With lime. YUMMM. 

Have you heard of Carrot Lines? Its a Vancouver based app for your iphone that lets you put in some criteria and scan food to make sure it fits your profile. For example, under lifestyle I put Vegan, Nutrition I chose calories, fat, trans fat, sodium, fibre, sugars (less than 5g), calcium and iron. Under Allergy I chose dairy free, gluten free, and wheat free. So when you scan a food item, it tells you if it meets your criteria. Or just some. Its cool!! I can't wait to get home or go to the store and start scanning away. I won't need it tooooo much cuz I don't eat a lot of foods but I did suggest it to a few friends who might need it. And to Kevin. Lol Perfect for when he doesn't know if something is gluten free or what not. 

One thing that I couldn't figure out was when I scanned an item (hemp seeds) that it didn't have in its database it asked if I wanted to google it. So I did. And then that's it. Nothing happened. No addition to the database. No analyzing it. Nada. So I dunno. What do you do when something isn't in their database? Hmmmm But other than that, seems pretty cool. Its also FREE!!! Bonus!





  1. Hi Krystle:

    Thanks for the review and posting on our Facebook page.

    As we mentioned there: If a product isn't in our database, we flag it in our system and based on other users' requests and products in high demand, we do our best to obtain the info from the vendor and other sources we work with. We work very hard to grow our database of over 20 000 products; and best of all, our app can be used not only in Vancouver but also in stores across Canada - so scan away :)

    Download CarrotLines from

  2. Ahhh I love it!!!! Kevin is a good good man and I think we all need a bit of him in our lives!! Come'on a bead of spinach?! NICE!! 10 outta 10 baby!!

    Love It!


    1. I know right?!!! I figured it was high time I give him a proper shout out for all the awesome meals he makes me. With no complaining or jokes! Love it!!! I hope everyone has a "kevin" in their lives. lol But not mine, back off! The boy is mine.

  3. Awesome!!!! My mouth waters reading your blog

    1. Yah!!! That's great! I hope you try some recipes. Thank you soooooo much for the compliments. :)