Monday, October 15, 2012

Restaurant review Yolks Breakfast

I was invited back to Yolks Breakfast food truck to give them another shot a couple weeks ago. I did an honest review of them and they responded. I did keep in mind that it was day 3 or so into their opening so I didn't judge them too much as there are usually some issues that arise when opening a new business.

Tempura panko avocado sandwich
 They also had a veggie special this day that was sauteed mushrooms with goat cheese. But I didn't get that and obviously I don't get the egg. But I do LOVE mushrooms!

Tempura panko avocado sandwich with hash browns
I basically got the same thing except that I had it as a sandwich with an English muffin instead of as tacos. All the critiques I gave had been fixed. This time it was SUPER delish. I thought the addition of salsa fresca was perfection. The acidity in the tomatoes goes really well with the creaminess of the avocado. The tempura panko avocado was also cooked to perfection. Not overcooked. Not too hard. But crunchy enough. 

The hash browns were always cooked wonderfully but when I had them the first time they were lacking in flavour. They had a lemon truffle oil seasoning and this time you could actually taste that! They were lightly seasoned and cooked perfectly.

I was really impressed this time and really appreciated the fact that they even cared what I had to say. Its such a great idea and I will definitely continue to go there. Especially since they are right up the street from work!

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