Monday, October 22, 2012

Restaurant Review: House of Dosa

My friend Leanne and I checked out House of Dosa a few weeks back. I'd heard of this place a long time ago and that it was famous for its Dosa's (duh) but also that on Monday nights they are on special for $5.99!!! Gawd, I love a good sale. 

I obviously got a veggie one but Leanne got a beef one so no pic of that. But we also had appies. :)

My friend Britney told me to get these. I thought they were ok. Never had them before so nothing to compare them to but I thought they were kinda boring. Very plain. Just rice and flour I think.

Veggie Pakora
 Good veggie pakora, nice dip. I think its probs pretty hard to mess up pakora's. lol

Masala Dosa (veggie)
Its HUGE! lol I've had dosa before and was shocked when it came for the first time. lol Its massive! But found out that the whole thing isn't filled. Dosa wrap is made from lentils and rice flour typically so its gluten free but always ask your server. Mine was yummily filled with veggies and potatoes. Also came with a small soup and 2 kinds of chutney. One was coconut and the other was tomato possibly. LOL it was all kinds of delish.  But the coconut one was my fave fo sho.
Insides of Masala Dosa (veggie)
YUM! Get some! If you haven't checked out House of Dosa yet, I highly suggest you do. If you go on Monday's be prepared to wait. Its not that long though. Big thumbs up from this gal.

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