Thursday, September 27, 2012

Summer recap

I had some fun last few weeks of Summer. Lots of friends, food and good times. Sad it's officially over but it will always be in my heart, lol. Here's some snap shots of the last bit of Summer:

Mongrillian - Duncan

Keith's, kale salad and a hammock

Vegan Banh Mi from Whole Foods

Veggie burger on Wreck Beach

Toppings galore!

Family supper

Sol Cuisine burger with peach salsa

Gorgeous birthday cake


Birthday boy, Eduardo
There you have it! Fun times. More to be had, just now I'll be wearing a scarf. lol. I'm actually really excited to cook some Fall food. I baked an avocado the other day and I'm feeling like it might be a new fave! Stay tuned for some reviews. I checked out Acorn recently.




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