Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Restaurant Review: Bandidas Taqueria

My friend Dave was in town recently and I like to take him to a new spot every time. Well I try that is. He's always drooling over my reviews and food pics. Rightly so cuz they are drool worthy and he lives in Victoria so yah. Lol

We only had time to go for brunch so we went to my fave brunch spot....Bandidas Taqueria. Which by the way is apparently vegetarian. LOL I had no idea. I thought it was just progressive. You can make any breakfast vegan by subbing the eggs for a butternut squash-tofu mixture which is to die for. I love squash! Its the ingredient I look forward to in the fall/winter. :)

When I have so many options like I do here, I like to try something different every time. Even when I have a fave. This time I tried the other breakfast burrito. It had potatoes inside. And when I'm hung over all I want is potatoes and diet coke. Weird I know. And unlike me cuz in regular life I barely ever eat regular potatoes and never drink pop. But hey, that's what I want. 

Morgan Taylor, baked

Gooey, saucy insides
Becky's Omelette
The Morgan Taylor was baked and had this yummy sauce all around. The potatoes, squash, tofu and yumminess made it perfect hangover food. If I could actually stomach eating. I couldn't. I actually only ate 3 bites, packed it up and ate it later. In bed. Lol. I'm the worst. I told the server that I was sorry and that I liked it but was just hungover badly. Anyone could understand that right? 

Dave had Becky's omelette. He said it was really good. But he was in the same boat as me. Well slightly better cuz he ate way more. But I'm pretty sure we didn't say more the 5 words to each other. Which was fine by both of us. Sometimes there is no need for conversation. You just get each other. HAHA

I REALLY enjoyed the Morgan Taylor. It was saucy goodness. Can't wait to try it on a less painful day.

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