Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Restaurant Review: Nelson the Seagull

There are a numbers of gems in Gastown in terms of awesome food and I do not have enough experience with them yet. I met my uncle for lunch in Gastown a couple weeks ago and tried out Nelson the Seagull for the first time. It's a bread and coffee shop. Sounds weird I know but weird is the best. Bread is delicious. I don't eat it a lot but the bread used in a sandwich can make or break it. This place has some of the best bread I've ever had. Hands down.

My uncle and I both got the veggie sandwich with a side of butternut squash soup. The pesto and soup are made sans dairy so yah for me! They are located at 315 Carrall Street. Do it.

The veggie

Of course I did not eat the butter, but wow. Look at how amazing that looks? There was homemade pesto, hummus, cucumber, tomato, artichoke and made on the best bread ever! I actually ate the bread that was on the side for the soup. This bread was so light and fluffy and delish that I could have rubbed it all over my body. HA......,That wasn't a joke.

They also do avocado on toast in the morning and a baked grapefruit that is to die for. Haven't been lucky enough to try it yet but that's the word on the street. Go check them out!

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