Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Restaurant Review: Meat & Bread

I never had the desire to go to Meat & Bread because....well the name. Its meat and bread. 1 thing I never eat and another I try not to eat very often. BUT I recently had the opportunity through work to try the veggie special! They do a vegetarian special every week. That's pretty cool for a restaurant that's named like this one is. lol That being said, they would be silly not to have a veggie special, especially in Vancouver. We pretty much have every diet imaginable in this city. Ha.\

I've only had one of them. The other ones we've tried had cheese in them. I am vegan. But I am not crazy finicky. I won't eat meat but if something has eggs or fish sauce.....once in a blue moon I'll give it a go if I REALLY want to taste it. I'm cool with that. And if people don't want to call me vegan, that's cool too. Food, like life, is a journey. Just have fun, eat nutritiously and listen to your body. :)

Anyways, back to this cool sammy I ate. 

The sandwich I tried was the tofu mushroom veggie patty with daikon, carrots and wasabi mayo. It was so yummy! It was warm, the bread was SO light, fluffy and soft. Pretty close to bread perfection if you ask me. For me, I thought it was saucy enough, flavourful and the patty stayed in tact, which can be rare. But I heard from one person that it was a little dry. Can't please em all I guess. lol

Whether you're veggie or not, you got options at Meat & Bread so go check em out! There's a bit of a line I hear. Maybe go a little after lunch time.....

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