Thursday, December 22, 2011

Lazy bones: Whole Foods review

I feel like December has been a whirlwind of parties, drinks, Christmas prep, concerts, friends, family, gym time and oh yah work. lol I dont' know how I've managed to cram everything in. ; ) I decided one night to just pick up some take out or something I could just throw in the oven and I hopped into bed at 6:30pm to eat my dinner and watch TV. What a glorious thing it is to just veg out like that. Lay like broccoli. Be still like vegetables. How vegan of me and Julia Roberts. (Pretty Woman, if you don't remember).

SO GOOD!!! Ps I saved half for the next day. lol

Light, simple, yum. Needed hot sauce though.

Kale salad from Whole Foods with Tahini Dressing!!! loves

I've had that kale salad a few times and REALLY want to know how to make that dressing. Its so damn tasty. I saved the tag so I at least have the ingredients, now for the amounts. I shall figure it out. This I vow to you. 

So I still had the convenience of take out but the healthiness that I love. 




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