Monday, December 5, 2011

Holiday Party

I was quite a lucky lady this weekend as I was the date of my good friend Jimmy to his work Christmas party. I love getting all dressed up and I love being peoples dates to events like this, even weddings. I'm not shy and don't need to be baby sat so I think I make a good date. Lol.

I didn't ask Jimmy about the menu for some reason but figured I wouldn't be eating much BUT low and behold, Jimmy made sure there was a vegan meal for me. I think there was 1 other vegan and a few vegetarians that were more than happy to go vegan for the night as it makes it a lot easier on the kitchen. The party was at the Coast Plaza Hotel in Tsawwassen. They were wonderful. They prepared a meal that was delicious and looked very nice and colourful. Much better than the meat option if you ask me. Lol (Maybe I'm biased).

Risotto balls with artichoke hearts, sauteed peppers in a tomato sauce

Vegan chocolate brownie and a fruit plate

It was a lovely evening and was nice to meet some of Jimmy's friends. His friend Janine (Niner) just went vegan 2 months ago. So it was cool to chat shop yah know?! She had a lot of the same books and some that were new which of course I've now forgotten the name of them so I will need to get on that. Even though I have about 30 unread books on my book shelf. Lol 

If I haven't mentioned before I have a slight mustard addiction. I just love it. And right now I'm all about the whole grain mustard. YUMMMMMM. I picked up this bottle on Saturday and am almost done. LOL I started dipping crackers in it and putting it on my rice, well almost anything really.


I also put up my Christmas tree on Saturday. Took all of 5 minutes. LOL I have a rather tiny apartment, so I need a tiny tree. Sorry for the lighting. It was tough. lol




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