Saturday, August 27, 2011

First entry ever!!!

Hey! Thanks for checking me out. I'm here to share recipes, nutrition and fitness information. I became vegan in May 1, 2010 and haven't looked back since! Its been so exciting and tasty! I've discovered so many new foods and actually started writing recipes!

Mostly, my posts will be food related. :) BUT I'll also put up my experiences with running and all things fitness. I LOVE to run! Its such great exercise. So good for the heart and not so bad for the bum either! lol. Lets be honest, we all wouldn't mind a smaller be-hind. I'm also probs gonna have a spot for just random ramblings that I may have. Beefs if you will. Or just funny stuff I come across

Since its friday night, after midnight and I'm kinda boozy I shall leave you now. I actually just got home from an awesome night out with my Dad. We went to Panz Veggie, a vegan chinese restaurant, had an awesome dinner then went the the PNE to see Air Supply!!! They were awesome!!! So fun. Then we gambled a bit. I won 10 bucks! lol Big risk taker over here! Ha.

Not sure what made me so ambitious to start the blog tonight, it just felt right I guess. But I'm really excited for this and what it might become.




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  1. I was sending you frantic, "MAKE A BLOG" vibes since the last time we talked. That must be why. :P

    I like the blog. All you need is some visual representation of your good eats. + recipes.

    Your faithful reader,